But I Never Said It Out Loud. . .

My wife informed me that during a recent trip to the grocery store, when they passed the aisle with detergents and other cleaning supplies, Caleb announced, “This is the Mommy aisle.”

“Why is it the Mommy aisle?” inquired my wife, perhaps already speculating as to the answer.

“I guess because God made you that way,” replied my son.

Why do I foresee years of failed sensitivity training ahead of this boy? If only the re-educators had done a better job with his troglodyte of a father . . .


  1. sid

    This is too funny, Tony. Just make sure you dont send Caleb to U-M when he turns 18!!! The PC police will be up in arms!!! protesting on the Diag!!!

  2. Katherine

    So, do you have all the house chore duty for the next ten years, or just the next five until the boys learn that the aforementioned aisle is not hers alone?

    Too fuuny…

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