Ego Inflation

I didn’t know somebody had invented a test to measure narcissism. Even better, researchers have been administering it to college students since 1982. The shocking news this week is that recent results confirm a trend: today’s college students are, on average, more narcissistic and self-centered than their predecessors. The researchers blame everything from permissive parents to untrammeled access to social networking sites like MySpace, which are designed to help each little darling showcase The Wonder That Is Me.

A related Atlantic Monthly article cites a school teacher whose antidote is simple: “I tell them that self-esteem comes from a self doing something that is worthy of esteem.”


  1. Rob


    For more on that topic, check out “Generation Me” by Jean Twenge ( It was an interesting read. Made a few things click.

    Too much emphasis was put on boosting self-esteem during the ’70s and ’80s. I remember having to attend “QUEST” class in middle school (’88 or so) where we all had to say nice things about each other, find things in ourselves we were proud of, etc. Blech.

    The dumb-butt PhD’s thought self-esteem boosted scholastic performance since there seemed to be a high correlation between the two. Unfortunately, common sense says the cause-effect is reversed. Doing well boosts self-esteem. Unfortunately the focus on self-esteem probably distracted overworked teachers from helping kids just learn stuff.

    BTW, serial killers score off the charts on self-esteem.

  2. Jim Ratajski


    My brother, Thank you that you didn’t let the Crack post crazyness deter you from posting good stuff. I love that your heart has a nice mix of humor, Godliness, Children and politics. There are absolutes in this World regarldless of what the Blind say.

    We’ve got your back and are loyal. And I’m not ashamed “-)

  3. Dano

    Spend an hour on a University campus walking around, then you will really understand. Makes me remember a quote from the movie ‘Fight Club’… “You are not a unique snowflake”.

  4. Kara Nutt

    My father used to work with a group of men who had the highest self esteem you’d ever seen…….

    He was a chaplin in a Arkansas prison!

    I tell my youth group that they don’t need self esteem, they need God esteem. It’s much more important to worry about what God thinks of you, only then will you truly see yourself for who you really are.

  5. Priscilla

    AMEN to this. I would also add that our self-esteem comes from obeying God’s word and realizing our esteem is manifested in being made in God’s image.

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