Since we have bidders on our house, we’ve gotten back into the habit of looking for houses in the country. The boys’ favorite thus far has been a log cabin-style house in lovely Mulvane, which is the sight of the finest Italian restaurant in all of Kansas, and an elderberry winery to boot. The house looks like a giant got really creative with his Lincoln Log set. All it lacks is the little red plastic chimney. The inside corners even had criss-crossed log ends.

As we were preparing to leave, I looked at the corner nearest the door and whispered to the Wife, “How long do you think, if we bought this house, it would take Isaac to figure out that he could climb those corners all the way to the ceiling?”

Isaac crouched by the door as I whispered this, squeezing his shoes back onto his fat little feet. As he stood, he reached out a hand to balance himself. His hand settled on one of those log ends. He looked at it, then looked up to the ceiling. His epiphany blossomed into a beatific smile.

He was a quarter of the way to the ceiling by the time I scooped him into my arms. A fish swims, a bird flies, and Isaac climbs.

I really do love the little stinker, and so I’m hoping he survives to adulthood. Some days I’m not so confident.


  1. Ron

    The heck with Kansas. You need to move the family and boy to the mountains so he can get on some rock. A little rock climbing, a little ice climbing, it is all good and he sounds like a natural.

  2. Carl Holmes

    Colorado Springs makes a nice place to live if you have little rock climbers. I am sure you can tele commute to your job and live here!

    Of course, if you are me, I just sit and admire them from afar. I have no inking what so ever to conquer a mountain. God put it there before I was born and it will be there after I die, conquered or not.

  3. Lenise

    Our (2-yr-old) Isaac’s a climber, too. As long as you’re taking suggestions on where to live ;), I say move to Mebane, NC! As long as you’re telecommuting, the idiocy that infests I-40 shouldn’t be a major concern, and we’re a nice small town with a lot of stuff, some of which is even located in the lovely old downtown.

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