Not a Calvin fan

Anthony Sacramone’s take on Calvin, inspired by the Times Driscoll piece mentioned below: “God Hates You and Your Little Dog Too“:

“But I ended my sojourn among the Calvinists because their view of justification is not so much ‘by faith alone’ as it is ‘by luck alone.'”

Hat tip: Trent


  1. AJ

    Intense. I’m not Reformed myself, but I do enjoy Driscoll quite a bit. The NYT article really played out his Calvinism, which piqued my own interest to look into it myself….

    In fact, I listened to a sermon by Driscoll discussing Predestination, and I still find it lacking. In the end, his argument seemed to be: 1. Here is some Scripture we think supports us …and…2. Don’t question God’s methods.

    However, Driscoll also mentions in the sermon “you don’t have to be a Calvinist to go to Mars Hill” and is very gracious to prominent preachers & friends of his that aren’t either.

    I can definitely see the arguments in favor of each side, and in the end I just think it’s too great a mystery for humanity to comprehend. And it doesn’t change much about us as Believers regardless – we’re still called to love God and tell the world about Him.

  2. Sara R.

    Have you ever read “Programmed by God, or Free to Choose?” by Dudley Ward? The subtitle is “5 Point Calvinism Under the Searchlight.” You can find it on I highly recommend it…easy to read, short and to the point, yet explanatory enough.

  3. Sara R.

    And if you do want the book, i can mail you a copy. I’d forgotten that my dad was so grateful for the book and found it so necessary that he ordered a case.

  4. David

    Sara – I will not turn this into a giant forum on Calvinism, so this is all I will say about the topic and not comment again in this post, but I just wanted to give you something to think about…

    What do you imagine Jesus to mean when he said to his disciples at the end of John 6: “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.” ?

    Most folks testimony’s involve us accepting Christ, correct? But why would we do that? Are we not convicted in some way first? By reading or hearing someone preach the gospel?

    This is only to say that before we accept Christ – God works in our hearts first so we realize we are sinners and accept what we are hearing. Would you not agree with this? This sovereignty of God is in a nutshell “calvinism”. This does not mean you have to believe that therefore God is a puppet master who picks out your shirts for you in the morning and causes you to sin. Just a thought – think about your own salvation story and how God worked in your heart…

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