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Test overkill?

October 28th, 2010 Posted in The Art of Parenting

One parent’s experience with schooling in a test-heavy, No Child Left Behind environment:

“Then third grade–an absolute disaster. Worksheet after worksheet after worksheet. My smart little boy was slowly disappearing. I am totally against medicating a child to concentrate – but we were suddenly in desperate survival mode, wondering if medication was our only option. The timed math fact pages– three a night! –were driving us insane. He just couldn’t memorize the math facts and the pressure of timed tests was almost abusive.

He HATED to read–but had to meet the Accelerated Reading goals or he would be left behind when the class took the AR reward trip to Wonderland Park. So he met his goal – but hated every single story. He was overwhelmed by reading test-prep worksheets. Most of the grades on those worksheets were failing. He did pass the high-stakes TAKS test that year – but he hated school so much, many nights he would cry himself to sleep. I collected over 1,000 test prep worksheets, most with failing grades–all completed in a single year.”

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