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Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my phone a text to beep

November 1st, 2010 Posted in The Art of Parenting

When your teenagers go to bed, are they unplugged for the night? A new study finds that teenagers receive an average 34 texts after bedtime, and are awakened once a night on average by a text. Girls were more likely to text one another after their parents thought they were in bed, while boys were more likely to play video games.

Not surprisingly, the behavior is correlated with mood swings, depressions, and poor daytime thinking skills. Here’s perhaps the most irritating part of the article:

“About half of the parents of study participants didn’t know what the kids were up to, said Polos. The others knew, but had a fatalistic attitude.”

Unaware or ineffectual. Increasingly this seems to sum up parenting for too many people. The only possible redeeming fact here is that (typical of medical studies) the sample size is very small, and likely not randomized. Of course that could mean the results are biased in to appear better than reality, though hopefully the bias is going in the other direction.