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Let them in

November 16th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s a consequence my Republican, Bush-supporting friends probably don’t like to hear about: one of the Iraq invasion’s greatest victims is the Church. What’s more, it’s not entirely unanticipated. The godless Hussein tolerated religious minorities, but with him out of the picture, Islamic thugs have unleashed a campaign of systematic annihilation (a snapshot of what the Religion of Peace promises infidels when it has the necessary weaponry and free rein).

Not wanting to consider such a heinous outcome of one’s actions is one thing; ignoring it when one has the power to do something about it, as Obama Administration officials do, is another.

I was marginally pro-invasion. My own philosophy is that if a man stands in my yard and claims to have a gun he want to fire into my house, I’m going to shoot first and search his body later. So I can appreciate the wisdom of toppling a regime that claimed on multiple occasions to be developing weapons of mass destruction, and I think it’s silly to argue that the action was negligent because no weapons were actually found. You don’t want to wait until one gets detonated to act, after all.

But now we have the destruction of the Christian Church in Iraq, which only illustrates that war carries a terrible, terrible price, and should never be celebrated, and should only be undertaken with deep regret and repentance. And I think it’s safe to say that none of these attitudes can be seen among the key actors in the Bush Administration’s war, neither at the time of instigation nor now, when the costs are becoming more apparent.

As for Iraqi Christians, I think the least we can do, if we’re unable to protect them there, is afford them immigration into our own country, rather than make them try to sneak across the Mexican border.