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Fierce-hearted gifts

January 29th, 2011 Posted in Snapshots of Life

DSC04240As is true of anyone who is long on love and short on cash, Isaac likes to find things around the house, wrap them up in scrap paper, and give them to people. Tonight at dinner he gave me a present wrapped in old construction paper and about a half-mile of tape. The words “I LOVE DAD” were penned in thick black marker on the front.

To the back of the package he had taped a blue toothpick.


Why, the mind of a six year-old replies, in the world not? Blue toothpicks are awesome.

Inside was a faded, pocket-sized memo pad stamped with the emblem of the Hartzell Propeller Company, in Piqua, Ohio. How did it come to be inĀ  the little basket of scrap paper at the boys’ art table? Who knows.

How did it come to be wrapped in scrap paper and far too much transparent tape, and placed in my weary hands?

The fierce-hearted love of a boy, is how.