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Exclusive World Premiere Sneak Preview for a Very Select and Discriminating Audience

September 7th, 2012 Posted in The Artful Life

So, some of you know I wrote a novel. Keep your panties on, I don’t have a publisher yet.

Let me rephrase that: no publisher seeking to make a fortune in paperback and hardcover sales, not to mention audiobook downloads—all of which will pale in comparison to the movie and television series proceeds—has yet had the good fortune to have its offer considered by my phalanx of cut-throat agents, publicists, and attorneys.

That’s not what I have to tell you, however. Unless you represent a major publishing house, in which case, please re-read the foregoing paragraph.

For the rest of you, I want to share an opportunity to read some of my novel. An abbreviated version of the first chapter is forthcoming in Ruminate, a literary journal to which the most refined people already subscribe, of course, but which may have eluded your notice. Until now.

Just to whet your appetite, here, for the very first time, is the very first paragraph of the very first chapter of my very first novel:

“The day we killed the boy we rode to town in my father’s Jeep. An old Army duffel was slouched between my legs, its musk mingled with the smell of gas and oil. In my imagination it still held killing tools: cool, greasy bullets, knurled grenades, a long, sleek knife. In reality there was just a Delco battery and some dulled rotary rock bits inside. Only years later did I realize that when he was a soldier, Daddy’s duffel held mostly food, clean socks, and letters from my mother. The killing had never been in this stiff canvas bag, but beneath my father’s skin. Maybe it was necessarily written into my flesh as well.”

In just the first chapter there’s death and blood and fistfights and knife scars and ghosts and the very first day of school and other terrifying things. If you want the rest, you should order your copy of Ruminate here. If you don’t want to read the rest, I can only assume you came here by accident, on your quest for free Viagra or the latest scandalous news about Brad and Angelina or whatever else it is people use the interwebs for these days. So be on with you. Shoo.