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Month: January 2009

We need more parents

“The truth is that only men to whom the family is sacred will ever have a standard or a status by which to criticise the state. They alone can appeal to something more holy than the gods of the city; the gods of the hearth.”  (G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man)


Isaac is in a morning melancholy, in part because we all have various viruses that make us sluggish and grumpy. When Isaac is melancholy, he holds his little stuffed lamb close, and rubs its soft paw on his face. “Isaac,” I ask him, “will you please hold Lamby by his belly instead of his arm?” …

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Man up

Eli asks, as we both wallow in my bed, “Dad, why do your sheets and pillows have flowers all over them?” “Because Mom likes them.” “Maybe we should get you a man pillow.”

Not a Calvin fan

Anthony Sacramone’s take on Calvin, inspired by the Times Driscoll piece mentioned below: “God Hates You and Your Little Dog Too“: “But I ended my sojourn among the Calvinists because their view of justification is not so much ‘by faith alone’ as it is ‘by luck alone.’” Hat tip: Trent

Thou shalt not ask questions

“They are sinning through questioning.” This from the trendy-yet-authoritarian Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll, according to The New York Times, after two elders challenged his consolidation of church power. What’s that verse about something going before a fall?

The light burden

This past Sunday I took a couple of my sons to St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral in Wichita. If you’re not familiar with the Orthodox services, a good portion of them are conducted while the congregation stands. After a particularly long stretch of standing, Caleb leans in to me and whispers, “Dad, do we stand …

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The thing about children is that each of them finds a new way to make trouble. Think you’ve got the forbidden snacking under control by virtue of putting all the food up high? Well guess what — the next toddler doesn’t care for snacking, he likes getting all the shoes out of your closet and …

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A farewell to Quaker

Dear Quaker Oats Megalith, You might recall that I warned you once before about disguising newfangled “quick” foods as the older, take-an-extra-three-minutes-to-cook-it fare. Well, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, and I hate you double. That’s right, I accidentally bought those pulverized nubbins you call “Quick Oats,” mistaking them for the whole …

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