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Month: April 2010

Blood and mystery

One of G.K. Chesterton’s arguments in Everlasting Man is that the ancient pagans never really revered their petty gods and spirits and magical tree stumps nearly as much as the modern humanist, overflowing with tolerance and reverence for any belief system that distinguishes itself by not being Christian, imagines they did. They knew there was …

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Enunciate, Dad

Isaac, at bedtime: “Dad, what does ‘thisino” mean?” Me: “Huh?” Isaac: “Thisino.” Me: “I’ve never heard that word before.” Isaac: “You know: Jesus loves me, thisino, for the Bible tells me so…”

The outstretched arms

This is the day when sickened, condemned man collided with everlasting Love. “How could He have called us if He had not been crucified, for it is only on the cross that a man dies with arms outstretched?” (St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation)