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Mugged by reality

I feel like I should acknowledge that it’s been a year since I’ve written anything here, though I feel pretentious saying so, because it’s not like anyone has been waiting with bated breath, double-checking his calendar, pining for more posts. But yes, a year. Suffice to say I’ve been busy with other projects and not …

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All Politics is Local

“I always get a little queasy,” I began my speech, “when a group of people gets together to spend other people’s money.” Last night was my first attendance at a homeowner’s association meeting, and I was there to defend my wallet. At stake was one thousand dollars, more or less, from every family in the …

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None of the Above

Last month we got a letter from an organization that calls itself “People to People International.” They were writing to invite our daughter to attend, at our expense, be sure, an educational experience in Australia. The letter assured us that “Caroline has been named for this honor by a teacher, former Student Ambassador or national …

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