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Pat Robertson, pagan

January 14th, 2010 Posted in Curmudgeonry, Theology

Believing, as Pat Robertson does, that the suffering of those you despise is inflicted by a god on your side, and that the suffering of those you pity is the result of a devil’s curse, seems to come awfully close to paganism. Which is ironic, because the source of Robertson’s conclusion about the Haitian curse is an 18th-century voodoo prayer which expresses a theology that doesn’t seem to vary much from his own: their god is of the darkness, ours is of the light, and ours will afflict them with suffering.

When faced with a tragedy that he can’t pin on people he hates, however, Robertson reverts to a materialist position that even weak-kneed Christians would likely have a hard time with — a God who “doesn’t reverse the laws of nature,” after all, would have a hard time getting himself resurrected. In short, whenever Robertson breathes out a sentence with the word “God” in it, I’m pretty certain he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.