And another thing

Some of you may enjoy my radical suggestion in today’s Wall Street Journal that the First Amendment doesn’t authorize teachers to indoctrinate children. It’s getting pushback from free-speech absolutists and folks who have faith The Market will sort everything out in the long run. My fear is that if we wait for the end of the long run we’ll revisit the Russian Revolution, only without the cool hats and resurgence of chess.


  1. John

    Enjoyed the piece and disagree with those who think The Market will sort everything out. Universities have become indoctrination mills, with total disregard to the free speech standards they profess to abide by. Worse, we’ve descended into intellectual relativism, driven by confirmation bias. The author Mark Manson shared an email today about how much people’s views are swayed by membership in a particular group. So much so that they interpret facts to fit their biases. Thanks for your article, hopefully more people will wake up, and reconsider which universities they want to send their kids to.

  2. Dave T

    long time fan of yours, but hadn’t followed in a while. Great to see you in WSJ and the comments online, for once, seem to have gotten your point and are supportive and mostly even civil!

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