A few things

I’ve published a few things over the past few days that perhaps you’ll like:

Photo credit: Florian Klauer

This is about a largely forgotten Oklahoma curmudgeon who foretold both cancel culture and our modern propensity for riots.

This is about what letting my twin toddlers help me install doorstops around our house taught me about civilizational collapse.

And for something completely different, I wrote this sometime ago about being in the belly of a whale, and now it has a home.

I hope you enjoy at least one of them, and as always, thanks for reading what I scribble.


  1. Richard HARRISON

    Loved your doorstop column! Did you find where your twins hid the doorstops? Did you actually check your septic system?

  2. Post

    Thanks Richard. We did eventually turn them up, and thankfully they weren’t in the septic tank. I had decided I really wasn’t going to look, because then I would have felt guilty about not retrieving them, and there was no way I was going to do that.

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