I’m not sure where he gets it, but Eli can be both stubborn and vindictive. He’s so Southern that way. Last night he sat over a wooden cut-out puzzle, slowly removing pieces and trying to fit them back into place. This proved to be immensely frustrating for him, because in his opinion each piece belonged at a right angle to its original position. The puzzle, of course, disagreed. He sat there for a minute with one particularly resistant piece, straining to fit it back into place. Finally he crawled over to the trash can and dropped it inside.

Way to show that toy who’s boss, son.


  1. Scott W. Luton

    Southerners are ‘stubborn and vindictive’ now? Any other generalizations you want to hurl in our direction?

  2. Kelly

    Eli is a little better tempered than my older son when doing puzzles. If he can get the pieces to fit, he just hurls it off the table and onto the floor. 🙂

  3. Andrea Harris

    You know that Tony’s a southerner, don’t you Scott?

    Anyway, I don’t see what’s wrong with Eli’s solution. Well — actually, when he’s older, you should teach him about the pleasures and uses of scissors when it comes to puzzles (well, cardboard ones anyway — teach him to start a fire with the wooden ones). That will take care of that little “not fitting” problem. So the finished puzzle won’t quite resemble the picture on the box lid. Box lid picture was probably done by a yankee anyway. Yeah, I’m from the south too. 😉

  4. Scott W. Luton

    Yeah, Andrea. I know…I believe he’s from NC. I’m still bitter about an open letter to SC a couple of months ago…lol.

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