Not Scared

We’re watching The Polar Express, Caleb, Eli, Isaac, and I. It’s cold and icy outside, and so we’re jumbled together on the couch, watching the magical Polar Express sway and slide across thin ice.

A frightened expression has been forming on Isaac’s face. He clutches his favorite ducky close to his cheek and watches the Polar Express try to avoid destruction. Finally, unable to bear the suspense, he pops down from his place on the couch and clambers up onto my lap. He holds his ducky up to my face. “Ducky scared,” he says. “I not scared. Ducky scared.”

I hold Ducky tight. Since Isaac is firmly wrapped around Ducky, I squeeze him too. The other boys inch closer. We are a tight bundle on the couch, transfixed by The Polar Express. We are safe from the world on this couch.

The train rights itself. Everyone survives. It is a beautiful, peaceful, happy ending. I know other kinds of endings are popular with some people, but this kind is the best.