Little Negotiations

Overheard while driving:

Isaac: “Twust me, Eli. Tomowow is my birfday.”

Wife: “Isaac, your birthday isn’t until September.”

Isaac: “Is that tomowow?”

Wife: “No, sweetie. It’s a lot of days away.”

Isaac: “Oh.”

And then later, while Eli and Isaac flop around like otters in the bathtub, periodically splashing either me or my newspaper, or splashing each other:

(splash, splash, splash)

“Stop, Isaac.”

(splash, splash, splash)

“Stop. Stop. STOP.”

(splash, splash, SPLASH)

Stop doesn’t mean do it!”

“Oh. Sowwy.”


  1. jeff

    Makes you wonder what Jesus was thinking when he said he desired people have childlike faith. I take that to mean I repeatedly ask dumb questions and not do anything remotely close to what I was just told to do.

  2. Katy McKenna Raymond

    My oldest son (now age 28 with a degree in linguistics) had a toddler phrase he would use when he found himself in Isaac’s situation. If something was “a lot of days” away, he’d call it “a few whiles.” I STILL love that so much, all these many years later…..

  3. Debbie

    I can remember four little otters in the tub.Give hugs and sloppy sugar to all. Love you Guys

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