Eli is bringing me another bookmark, a long piece of white paper cut all the way around with craft scissors to give it a decorative border. I have hundreds of books. I think soon most of them will have a bookmark made by Eli. It’s what he does sometimes, just sits at his desk and quietly sings and makes bookmarks, like we are all in danger of losing our place. Maybe we all are.

“Do you know why I make you bookmarks?” He asks me.


“Because I love you. Do you know why I make them long and thin?”


“Because you’re long and thin.”

I love that he is sweet-hearted and innocent, and believes that the world can be a good place. I love that he is my son. I love that he helps save me from losing my place.


  1. Jim Ratajski

    Started writing a story with my kids. Pirate type story. We are doing our own illustrations. I’ll let you know when its done.

    You help us dream the good dreams

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