Bed Hopping

I’m not sure that Isaac is actually sleeping in his bed. For those of you relatively new to SitG, Isaac is our two year-old (though he frequently insists that: “Tomowwow is my birfday. I’m telling the twuf. It is”). He’s made a fairly regular habit now of climbing into our bed around 3 a.m. Understanding that this could become habit-forming, I’ve taken to waking him immediately, picking him up along with whatever toddler paraphernalia he’s dragged down the hall with him, and plopping him back onto his own bed.

The other night, as I carried Isaac back to bed, I noticed that Eli’s sheets were strangely askew, and he was scrunched up against the edge of his bed. Like a two year-old had been sleeping beside him. A two year-old who likes to scoot up right next to his sleeping partner. Curious, I peeked into Caleb’s room. Same thing.

The next morning, I asked them if their brother had crawled into bed with them. As it turns out, he’s making pretty regular rounds. He’s like a hobo, sleeping in one place until he gets rousted, then moving on to another. Apparently he’s big on the snuggling, and well, one can’t snuggle by oneself, can one? I’m waiting for the night I discover that he’s crawled into Isaiah John’s crib. It’s only a matter of time.

Isaac is such an affectionate boy. He’s going to make some sweet girl very happy. He’ll also drive her crazy. As I think on it, she’ll probably need to be beefy as well as sweet, because he doesn’t seem to be developing any gentle skills at all. All the more reason to sell our house and move out to farm country, where the girls, I hear, are tougher.


  1. mommy

    Our son used to join us in bed frequently, too. It got to where, in my sleep, I could sense his presence next to the bed. I’d sit up and he’d crawl in behind me to settle in between my husband and me. Don’t worry – they outgrow it. He’s 21 now and he doesn’t do it anymore.

  2. Lucy

    Oh! You are SO lucky you don’t have a “stare-er”.

    One of mine wakes me up in the middle of the night with questions by just standing next to the bed and staring intently into my face (mere inches away) until I groggily open my eyes and then jerk-n-twitch to suddenly find myself eye to eye with anything in the middle of the night.

    The kids have even named the tactic — “making big eyes at Mommy”. Occassionally she doesn’t even ask a question, just traipses off back to her bed giggleling. *sigh* I HOPE she’s not doing this when she’s twenty-one!

  3. mdmhvonpa

    My now 5 yr old son was a staunch advocate for bed invasions. It’s quite infrequent now, but we are guaranteed a visit on weekends after 0730 in the morning. If only he would fall back asleep instead of using my kidneys as a kick-boxing target.

  4. Deborah

    Get the kid a dog. He just wants another warm body next to his. It will take a week for the dog to bond with the boy … you won’t get any sleep for putting the dog back in bed with the child, but the payoff is immeasurable. Consider the beagle: not to big, not too small. Good-natured and loyal, with a sensible ego.

  5. Lucy

    Oooooo! Or a BASSET HOUND! Once you put one of those some place, they rarely move. Especially if its comfy 🙂

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