1. George

    That is pretty much the same prescription I would give to those commercials. It probably isn’t fair, but somehow his hair gets the blame for his smug demeanor. Perhaps his hair is only cloaking the obvious attitude that he knows much more than you will ever know…. and with much less effort.

    I heard that this guy was raised from seed pellet in California- where all good and wise things are from.

  2. Rachel

    Hilarious! I had this same thought this morning at the gym as I pedaled on the stationary bike and found myself imagining what he would look like with a more tailored ‘do.

    Congrats on that award, btw. I’m sure your wife is very proud!

  3. buzz

    Funny. I first saw it during the ncaa’s. I turned to my friend at the table and asked “why is that hippy telling me how to send stuff?”

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