Funnel Cloud

This is a belated thank you for David Anderson of Iowa, who was kind and generous enough to visit my Amazon Wishlist and send me a copy of Hem’s Funnel Cloud. I heart Hem. I’m not sure if this makes me a girl (either the adoration of Hem, or the employment of “heart” as a verb), but I don’t think I care. I also heart Mr. Anderson, who I am sure is a fine, upstanding citizen from whom many of you could learn a thing or two.

So here’s one of my favorite tracks from Funnel Cloud:


  1. Bitter

    Ohhh…I haven’t listened to this album in ages. Thanks for reminding me so I have something decent to listen to while doing chores. This and the smell of fresh baking bread in the house make them a little more bearable.

  2. karen


    Thank you for the introduction- good stuff.

    Maybe before Jesus returns or I expire, I’ll follow the dude from Iowa’s example and send you a gift.

    Peace. K

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