Let Those with Ears to Hear…

Caleb broke my heart last week. He told me that he prefers Christian rock to blues and jazz. And not even the good stuff, but what they play on the popular Christian radio station. In an effort to open his ears to the truth, I played him one of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s first concerts. Nothing doing. The boy wants Christian pop.

Then, as if to rub salt in my wounds, he and Eli went outside to play golf. They play with plastic clubs, since none of us thinks Isaac should have access to anything so lethal as a real golf club made of genuine skull-crushing metal. Christian rock and golf. Sigh. The things these kids pick up from their friends.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll tie him down and make him listen to Stevie Ray’s version of “Little Wing” until he understands the error of his ways:


  1. Tari

    I’m so sorry – but don’t give up hope. My husband believes I polluted our boys early with country music (Pat Green really made him mad) and now he is fighting the long fight to get them back on what he considers to be the right track. When our 8 year old asked to go to sleep listening to Exodus the other night, my husband cried tears of joy.

    And we decided long ago that there were enough golfing lawyers, so we’ve never taken it up. And we passed that along to the boys (not that they’re ever allowed to be lawyers) and we think it’s stuck. Who on earth would want to golf in TX for at least 1/2 the year anyway? Too hot by a lot.

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