I have to admit, I’m tempted

There’s a lot of people who can run four miles faster than me, but how many of those nancy-boys can down a dozen Krispy Kremes halfway through? Those of you who don’t gross out very easily might enjoy this inspirational video from last year’s race.

Hat tip to Michael Moore. The good one, not the evil one.


  1. BAW

    The Krispy Kreme challenge is a time-honored event ’round these parts. The running, the eating, the hurling… truly something to behold.

    Well, from a distance. Because there’s the smell factor.

  2. Andrea

    My husband is an avid distance runner. His high school running buddies used to go on “Donut Runs” which consisted of running 10 miles followed by 6 donuts. His comment, “Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” I don’t think he was singin’ the same tune an hour later though…

  3. Rob H

    This has nothing to do with running, but it is a Krispy Kreme story…

    When they have Krispy Kremes coming hot off the conveyor, there is a sign that flashes “HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW”. When my wife was pregnant with our first, we attended Lamaze classes (Save your money, boys! Just pay attention to your wife while she’s laboring, honest). Anyway, as we went home every Monday night for about sixty weeks my beloved would point out that the sign was flashing and that she would really love a doughnut. I informed her every week that the sign was always flashing, and that it was just a marketing gimick. She insisted I was wrong, that it was a special moment when the sign flashed. We had the discussion many times. The light was always flashing. The moment was not special. Besides, doughnuts could not possibly be good for the baby. My wife was rarely amused.

    One night I captiulated because I noticed that Monday nights were frequently lonely and, as I’ve read somewhere before, happy wife, happy life. So I wheeled into KK and stood in line for about eight minutes for a dozen hot. When my turn came I asked the lady behind the counter, “Ma’am, the HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW sign is always flashing, isn’t it?” Then from behind me a man’s voice said, “Only in heaven, sir. Only in heaven.”

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