Andy Crouch offers a thoughtful essay on the eventual fruits we might, if we are lucky enough not to find an easy way out, glean from the current economic crisis. Here’s an excerpt:

“The stark contrast between what I experience among Christians anywhere else in the world—and not just the ‘Third World,’ because Canada and Germany and Britain and Singapore come to mind as quickly as Uganda and India—and American Christians is astonishing. We are preoccupied with fads intellectual, theological, technological, and sartorial. Vanishingly few of us have any serious discipline of silence, solitude, study, and fasting. We have, in the short run, very little to offer our culture, because we live in the short run.

I am not hopeful because I think life is going to get easier in America. I am hopeful because I think it is going to get harder, and in a very good way. And I am hopeful because I think this means my children and grandchildren will live in a deeply and truly better world than I would have thought possible a few years ago.”

You can read the full essay here. And you should. You might also enjoy Andy’s website on culture.


  1. Dusty

    This almost makes me sit in wonder if this is why miracles/healings are so glaringly absent in our society vs. these other countries. Has our faith been affecting by our lack of serious discipline thereby “closing our eyes” to the miraculous around us?

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