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I’m changing Isaiah’s diaper. “Baby?” he asks. You might think he’s referring to himself, but when Isaiah says “Baby,” he’s referring to “Baby Beluga.” So I start to sing. “Ba-by Beluga in the deep blue sea. . .”

“No no no no no no.”

Now I’m confused. “You want ‘Baby Beluga’?”

Isaiah nods. “Baby bebulabadabadoba.” This is how he says “Baby Beluga.” It’s also how I say “Baby Beluga,” after eight or ten Scotches. I start to sing again. “Ba-by Beluga in the. . .”

“No no no no no no no. Baby bebulabadabadoba.”

We continue this back and forth for a moment, until it hits me. “You mean you want the Baby Beluga book?”

Isaiah breaks into that part laugh, part cry thing that babies do when you finally get it through your thick skull what it is they’ve actually been asking you for. “Baby bebulabadabadoba!” Isaac fetches the book for his baby brother, who accepts it gratefully and clutches it to his chest. “Baby bebulabadabadoba,” he says contentedly.

Do you ever feel that way about a book? Me too.


  1. kyle and brady baldwin

    We’re teen brothers who have absolutely felt that way about a book before! In fact, a few years ago we were shocked to find out that some kids don’t have a single book in their homes so we started going out to local schools, reading books aloud, showing off our library cards, and letting the kids pick out a book of their very own. We even add a personalized bookplate to each book. So far, we’ve given out more than 16,000 books. We’re trying to expand our program and are finalists in the Best Buy@ 15 Challenge. If we get enough votes we could win a $10,000 grant to buy 8,000 books. The winners are determined by popular vote so you can help us please- vote daily by texting bbyv14 to 32075 or by visiting our website at and clicking on “vote for me” This will redirect you to another site where you pick two teams to vote for, add your age, and click on “vote.” You can vote every 24 hours both ways. It’s a bit of work but getting 8,000 kids a book of their very own is worth it. Please help us! Thank you!
    Kyle & Brady

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