Happy birthday to Caleb

Today is Stephen Caleb Woodlief’s ninth birthday. I snuck him in to work with me, which is what I do with each child on his birthday. He is sitting at a desk in my office, diligently laboring over his schoolwork with the double-pencil that he recently invented.

In a while we are going to get hot chocolate at Starbucks. Later we’ll have lunch at the restaurant of his choosing (please God, not McDonald’s again), and then we’ll get the rest of the supplies we need to build the biggest sandbox in the undisclosed little Kansas town where we reside. Tonight it’s his favorite meal (goulash) and his favorite cake (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting), and then the opening of the presents, quite possibly all of which involve Legos. To cap off the evening, we’ll watch our beloved Heels kick the everloving bejeesus out of Dook.

So happy birthday, Caleb. You brought back sunshine when we thought the world had gone dark forever.


  1. Marc V

    Happy Birthday to the big-brother Caleb!

    He’s at that age where you want him to step up and take responsibility of watching out for his younger siblings, yet there’s still a bit of selfish boy left in him. At least that’s what I’m going through with my ten year old now. I suppose you just have to bring them along at their own speed. Some times they surprise you with their compassion and maturity, and other times you wonder when they’ll stop acting half their age. Raising young men is not for the faint-hearted, but thank God He blesses us with this privilege.

    (PS I have a funny feeling that Roy’s boys will stumble. I’m not a Dookie, but it’s just a hunch.)

  2. Greataunt "Nisey"

    Happy birthday Stephen Caleb!! You’re a blessing and an awesome boy! Can’t wait to see you again….


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