Yeah, but . . .

Forty-four minutes. That’s how long it took a post by a black seminary professor,┬áreferencing a stomach-turning white supremacist blogger (and self-professed Christian) who called him a “negro theologian,” to get a response from someone complaining about black racism.

I could never understand, when I was at the University of Michigan during the heyday of political correctness, why so many people insisted on seeing me, because of my conservatism at the time, as a racist. Maybe it’s because the knee-jerk response from too many white conservatives, when the issue of racism arises, is to immediately whine that blacks do it too. I don’t tolerate that kind of nonsense from my children (“well he hit me too!”), and we ought not to tolerate it from adults.


  1. Chris H

    May I ask of what benefit it is to your readers to have the link to that drivel of a blog? Why publish the link and potentially encourage your readers to visit a white supremacist’s blog, thereby increasing his own traffic and possibly encouraging him to continue to vomit his nonsense on the intarwebz?

  2. Steve

    Seriously, you wonder why someone would equate, on the surface, a conservative with a racist, whether it is a fair assessment or not?

    How often do you hear liberal or center-left leaning folks complain about affirmative action, or welfare just being a hand out for lazy people, or against immigrants, or push a English only policy or vote to continue to have symbols of the Confederacy within their state government, Strom Thurmond, David Duke, George Wallace etc, etc, were not Democrats, the Southern Blue Dog Democrats abandoned the party enmasse when Johnston pushed his Civil Rights legislation and so on.

    Of course I am speaking generally, anecdotaly and stereotypically but there’s enough historical and ideological evidence that will allow people (and I’ll make an assumption that these are liberals) to asses you with these broad paint strokes until they can dig further beneath the surface. So when you say you’re a conservative, someone’s first reaction will be to equate you with the party and ideology that seems to attract those with racist tendencies more so than their opposition. Obviously that is not a fair initial assessment but that is just how the world ticks. I am surprised, as you seem to be well rounded and educated, that you are surprised by all this.

    A fairer question I think would be, once someone gets to know you and your personal flavor of conservatism, do they still think you are a racist? If so, then I think there might be some pause for reflection.

  3. Tony


    Sometimes we have to look at evil up close, if only to be reminded that it’s closer than we think.

    Steve writes:

    I am surprised, as you seem to be well rounded and educated, that you are surprised by all this.

    Steve, if you’ll read a little closer, you’ll see I used the past tense. Which wasn’t an accident. In other words, had I written, “Gee, I’m surprised that people who think I’m a conservative also think I’m a racist,” then your lecture might have been more appropriate.

  4. Steve


    Point taken. Though I would say it was still a kick butt “lecture”…

    So, you’re not surprised people think your a racist anymore or have the generalizations essentially subsided?

  5. Terro

    The white supremacist site is disgusting, but I am puzzled that the word “Negro” is so offensive to the black seminary professor. Granted it’s archaic, and I can’t remember the last time I used it, but the racial designations of Negro and Caucasian were common in my youth, and unless there was more in the context to disparage, I think the professor is overly sensitive.

    Beyond that,we’ve all been called names in our lives, and most of us have learned to get over it. I will grant that constant ad hominem attacks can be difficult to deal with…imagine how George Bush must have felt. I guess my point here is to look to the intent of the remark. It may very well have been innocuous.

  6. Donna B.

    I did feel an impulse to clean my screen, wash my hands, and bleach my brain after reading of bit of that site.

    The reason “Negro” is insulting in this instance is that the writer intended it to be.

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