Here and gone

The sky is steely grey, with sunshine spilling through where it can, at odd angles. It always finds a way through, this sun. She would be thirteen today. I can’t imagine that little girl as a teenager. She has a house full of brothers who have never met her, who miss her all the same. They are our sunshine in the grey. Happy birthday, Caroline.


  1. MMM

    Happy Birthday, dear girl. Your family here misses you.

    I can’t wait to meet you one day. I will look at your parents and say, “So THIS is what we all missed so much.”


  2. Renee

    I haven’t read your blog for a while but when I turned the page on my calendar this morning, I saw that I had written “Sand in the Gears” – a reminder from many months ago after I spent a tearful evening reading everything you’ve ever written about dear Caroline. God bless you and yours.

  3. Greataunt "Nisey"

    Happy Birthday (yesterday) beautiful girl. We miss you and love you! It is so hard to picture you as 13 years old.

    Tony, Celeste, etal, prayers and blessings to you.


  4. Gray

    I remember traveling to Michigan to see you all… I remember thinking how it always looked so easy to be a parent… Until I saw how you guys took care of her…

    I also remember traveling to visit in Kansas, the first time that you lived there… I remember how cool and cute she was in your house there… I also remember how I felt when you called and told me about her illness.

    I feel so blessed in life, and when I think about all that you both have had to struggle with it makes me shudder…

    I love you! And I miss Caroline and you all too so far away in Kansas… Thirteen years, my word… It all seems so current…

    Happy birthday little Caroline (yesterday) Happy birthday Celeste!

    We pray for you each day here in North Carolina!

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