Book lover

Isaiah is sitting on the floor surrounded by books. He opens one with a crinkle of its pages and says, “Shoo-chi-joo-sho-nay-nay-da.” He slaps it shut. “De end.” He picks up another, mutters out his own version of its narrative, and flips it closed. “De end.”

This goes on for some time. “Joo-sho-nay-di-shoo-chi.” Slap. “De end.” Crinkle crinkle. “Jo-jee-shay-nay-shoo-di-do.” Slap. “De end.”

Isaiah loves books. He loves to read them, loves it when people read them to him, loves to hit his brother Isaac upside the head with them. The boy hearts books. I hope he never stops loving them, even as the world around him transitions into a post-modern funk of hyper-links and text messages and overstimulating audio-visual mind sludge. Then one day he can visit me wherever he and his brothers have finally put me out to pasture, and maybe read to me there.

He’ll probably be more eloquent by then, though a darn sight less cute.


  1. MMM

    My mother tells me, and I remember, having a bookshelf above my crib.

    She tells me also, that each morning, I had a literature blanket that wasn’t on me the night before.

    And so it is to this day. Albeit without a bed full of books, as the husband I now have might say a word or two about there being no space for him. 😉

  2. Donna B.

    Sounds like Isaiah is going to be a fast reader!

    I got my 2 year old granddaughter a stroller for Christmas. Instead of a doll, she usually pushes it around full of books.

    She also hangs her purse on the handle and ‘talks’ on her cell phone while pushing it. It’s the same with her toy shopping cart.

  3. Debbie

    My two year old daughter loves books and we love to read to her. Only we’re always looking for books that don’t push a liberal agenda, which is no easy feat these days. Between multiculturalism, rebellion against authority of any kind, and ambiguous gender issues, we are stuck reading the same Dr. Seuss books and Goodnight Moon over and over and over. Any suggestions?

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