We don’t believe in grouping people like they do

Amusement of the day: while flitting about the A.M. band, I happened upon Rush Limbaugh giving a speech, in which he declared that we don’t believe in grouping people, unlike them.

And not surprisingly, all the Dittoheads in the audience agreed with Rush that they are individualists prone neither to tribalism nor to painting their opponents with broad brushes. Unlike them.


  1. Terro

    You’re easily amused. Now flit to any left-wing station or web site, and you’ll find them doing the same thing…often with more vitriol.

  2. Gray

    In your amusement did it occur to you to look for the context of the remark?

    You can view the speech in its entirety on the C-Span web site.

  3. Karen

    I took the time to listen to Rush’s speech at the link Gray provided. It was everything I expected to hear, a good outline of conservative principles vs. the failure of liberal policies. After all this, I have to applaud Donna above for her astute comment, as I think she may have perceived the real gist of Tony’s post. Yes, irony is, if not dead, barely breathing.

  4. Mitch Mitchell

    I heard all of Rush’s speech. I went away with the idea that Rush believes that conservatives tend to group people based on ideas. Liberals tend to group people based on things like skin color, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

    btw, great job on the Twilight column in National Review.

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