On not being dead

Six straight weeks of travel, several big writing projects, work, children, marriage, property in desperate need of attention, and one gun and machete battle with my resident ginormous pond snake have all conspired to keep me away. I was planning to post something last night, only an accidental overdose intervened.

This week it’s DC, and by yesterday afternoon I was nursing a serious headache. So in between my last meeting and dinner with a friend, I snuck into a drug store to buy Tylenol. Cheap dufus that I am, I opted for the store brand. Later, at the restaurant, I popped open the bottle and took three pills of what I thought was 200mg ibuprofen. Then I had a beer.

Thirty minutes later, I felt like I’d been sitting through a week-long literary theory lecture. I checked the bottle. Ibuprofen PM. Don’t take more than two, the bottle says. Don’t drink alcohol with it, says the little bottle.

Stupid little bottle. Suffice to say I slept well last night. And I think I could sleep another day or two.

Anyway, I know what you’d rather hear about the kids, and possibly my running battle with the snake, replete with shotgun blasts and flying debris, but that will have to wait, because I think I need to go back to bed.


  1. Michale

    Father of the Bride 2 quote: Frank says to George (asleep on the table) “He took 2 sleeping pills!! That’s like saying ‘See you next Thursday, George”

    See you next week, Tony.

    Welcome home. Let us know if you need help w Snakey friend.

  2. karen

    been hoping you’d re-emerge. was worried, even. hangover and all, am glad for your return. sleep well.

  3. Marc V

    I appreciate the free ice cream, even if it’s delayed and the scoop gets a little crusty. Lulls in posting happen when you’re living “la vida loca”.

    Please, please set up a video recording of the next battle with pond snake. I’m sure all of your fans would love to see you on Youtube with machete in one hand and shotgun in the other taking on the beast. Be sure to wear overalls for effect.

    We (the Spuds) were at the NC Aquarium near Atlantic Beach on Wednesday and enjoyed a presentation on snakes. There are 27 snakes native to NC, six of them venomous (no, one of them is not Coach Krezyweski), so be careful of the ones with the diamond-shaped head.

  4. Kent Otott

    Saw your blog on World Magazine. Thank you. It was very good.

    I live in Concordia and host monthly programs for teenagers and adults. I would like to visit with you sometime about having you come and speak to our group, if that is something that you do. Something on the dynamics of having a Christian Worldview. Does that sound interesting to you? Let me know either way.

  5. the gripping hand

    “my running battle with the snake, replete with shotgun blasts and flying debris”

    Why do think this should be prefaced with, “Hey, y’all, watch this!”

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