Schooling on the homefront

Recently discovered in a then six year-old Eli Woodlief’s home-school work:

Q. Do you think that using an alphabet is the best way to write? Explain.

A. No I sirtenly do not.

Q. Would you like to visit the White House? Explain.

A. No becas we are going to the faer.

In more encouraging news, two year-old Isaiah is reciting the endings of 1st declension Latin nouns. I think he thinks they are a magic phrase for getting dessert.


  1. plblark

    Here’s an interesting thing about inventive language .. it gets the meaning out and brings them the joy of communicating. My son (6) writes little books. Dramatically correct? not so much. Occasional misspelling or inventive phonetic letter combination? Yep.

    But he’s learning to love to read and write. That’s an important lesson and love in and of itself. The rest is tweaking.

    It’s like teaching any skill. Start with the larger pieces, get them cemented, then refine them into perfection over time.

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