“A heart without exits”

“My heart only has entrances. It doesn’t have exits. Whoever enters remains there. Whatever he may do, I love him the same as I loved him when he first entered into my heart.” (Elder Epiphanios of Athens).

This is a heart, as Father Stephen observes, like the heart of God, burning more fiercely with love for His children than do our own hearts for our children.

Tip: Jon d.


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  2. Ronald

    Tony, I remembered this blog post as I read the following last night in my friend Ron Highfield’s book, Great is the Lord:

    God’s love is unlike any other: he gives being to those who are nothing; he establishes fellowship with the ungrateful; and, most amazingly, he loves godless rebels, forgives their sins, and takes their punishment on himself! God’s love is revealed as sovereign and free of all restraints and all ends outside itself. His love is not determined in any way by its object. In creation God created the object of his love from nothing. In making covenant, God established a loving relationship that did not exist beforehand. And in reconciliation God loved us not because we were just, but in order to create a justified people. God is love! (p. 166)

    His love shapes our love, or should anyway.

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