Monster parents

A woman and her boyfriend beat her two-month old baby to death on Christmas Eve in Detroit, and the Wayne County Prosecutor suggests parenting classes might help stem the tide of such abuse. While we lose the traditions and practices of civility and self-restraint, while we laugh at the Church as anything more than a sentimental attachment, while we imagine that all the institutions that separated Western civilization from brutal, dirt-grubbing subsistence are capable of being refit to our wants, we maintain, throughout this insanity, an undying faith in the classroom to set all things to rights. Monsters are monsters, it seems, for want of enough lectures.


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  2. John

    The entire child welfare system is based upon the assumption that sending parents to classes (parenting, anger management, substance abuse) will transform them.

    I’m not aware of any “don’t beat your infant to death” classes, though.

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  4. Forrest

    You must understand the basic tenet or should I say cornerstone of leftist liberal “freedom;” the freedom from personal responsibility! Forget the baby, the parents are obviously the “victims” here, and if you don’t believe that, then you’re a right-wing extremist wing-nut thought-criminal; at least that’s what I’ve been taught at public school and university.

  5. Half Canadian

    In spite of all his faults, John Major’s comment “Sometimes we need to condemn more and understand less” has always struck me as being very astute.

  6. Jeffersonian

    Well, did anyone actually tell these fine folk that beating your newborn to death was bad form? I rest my case.

  7. Steve B

    Just found your website via Instapundit. Thanks for the work you do here. You are absolutely correct in your comments on the news article. Our culture is one that is monumentally misguided. Far too many people have no clue about how virtue is formed in people or how vice is deforming of them.

  8. JorgXMcKie

    I’m way in favor of bringing back public punishment for such as this. I think in this this case the bastinado followed by flaying alive might be appropriate. Might do would-be similar types way more good than a few [or even many] lectures.

  9. heathermc

    It’s all about thinking humans can impose complete order and goodness on our world: the idea of “Education”, inherited from Calvin and Knox; the idea of “Rule by Proletariat”; the idea of natural racial hierarchy, eg, “Nazism”; the idea of replacing the Nation State with a Transnational Bureaucracy:
    And still humans are humans. Augustine was correct. Don’t forget that.

  10. John-David

    Seriously? You want to blame the fact that “we laugh at the Church as anything more than a sentimental attachment” as part of the reason this happened? I wish I’d never clicked on the link from Instapundit, but having done that, I had to respond to that bit of stupidity.

    Following the bible by the letter will lead to abusive parents as bad as these.

  11. Chris Kennedy

    In “The Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government”, Charles Murray observes that most of the social welfare system makes sense of one assume that it is designed for the Country Club set. If you don’t know of anyone who you can imagine beating a 2 year old to death then it must be because they simply have not been informed about the dangers of beating a child.

    There really, really are difference in people and until that is acknowledged by the Cultural Elites we are going to continue to have screwed up systems.

  12. GW Crawford

    SO more churching is the answer? So, these folks would have benefited from some time with Rev. Wright? Ask the Native Canadians in church run schools, taking some time between the beatings and rapes, how much they like church. Ask the children of Newfoundland about the church, which still controls education there, about the benefit of allowing priests unrestricted access to children.
    And condoms on bananas? Does the phrase “but whatchu need that for, baby? I love you” mean anything? Do you honestly think that teenagers actually understand the mechanics of reproduction? Even if they took a class on it?
    We made the mistake of making school from a forge to a daycare center. And no, I don’t know what the solution is. There are just too many well-meaning idiots in my way

  13. Edward Lunny

    Well, is what they did demonstrably different from the wholesale slaughter that ,daily, occurs in abortion clinics throughout the country ? When you treat children as so much dross in life, this is the result. This is the ultimate legacy of liberalism, coupled with a denial of any responsibility. I suspect that in their denial they find more than a little smug satisfaction.

  14. jgreene

    These Monsters were not parents; they were and are “Monsters”, sociopathic subhuman zombies of our lower caste system – self destructive mutants.

  15. Nicole

    Parents and siblings can be monsters without laying a finger on you. I know…I am a “self-destructive” mutant now for life. Abuse is abuse…comparisons don’t make sense. You never get over the trauma.

    Shame on you, family of origian. Complete shame on you.

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