Haiti Orphanage Update

This is the place where help for the orphanage is being coordinated. They’ve got a law firm working on expediting the adoption issues, and they’ve announced it’s now legal for every one of the children to enter the U.S., though apparently that’s in some doubt. It’s still wise to contact your congressman regardless. But whether they legal issues are all resolved yet or not, they’re working on getting a plane. Prepare for rain, as the good book says.

Thanks to all of you who’ve clicked through to Kentucky Adoption Services and donated money. You can also donate here, where rescue efforts are also being coordinated. Now if any of you know someone at one of the major airlines, or perhaps FedEx or UPS…


  1. aleks pasulka

    YES!! finally i find some answers. I have been looking for info on adoptions of orphans since Wednesday!! i sent an email to the Archdiocese of Miami and will be calling them on Monday. My husband and I want to open our home to a little one that has been orphaned by this catastrophe. Let your friend know that we are waiting!
    Thanks, Aleks Pasulka

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