The deceptive average

A new study suggests parenting reduces blood pressure. Keep in mind that they’re only looking at averages, which means that when you spike after watching your two-year old do a back flip off the bed, and then collapse into a coma at nap time, you come out right about normal on average.


  1. Beth

    Oh, that’s good.

    Wait till he’s out on a film shoot with his buddies and you have no idea where they actually are and then you read on facebook that their friends are all praying for them because one of the vehicles went over a 40-foot ravine and yes your son’s name is given as one who was in it . . . . That was a bad half hour till he called from the hospital to tell me the bleeding had stopped and he’d managed to avoid being treated in the ER . . . Yikes, another spike just thinking about it.

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