“Isaiah,” I ask him, “what color is your balloon?”

“Green,” he says. This makes me happy, because we were beginning to think the boy is color blind.

“What color are your pants?” I ask. They are yellow.

He bends at his ample waist to look at them. He looks at me. He looks at his pants again. “Um, not green.”

It’s a start.


  1. Lenise

    My just-barely-two-year-old thinks everything is black. I guess he’s certain that black is a color, so he’s sticking with it. If you ask him to pick up the red something-or-other, he seems to be able to do that, but then if you ask him what color it is, suddenly it’s black.

    It’s so sweet to listen to little ones talk (listening to the almost-4-year-old makes me mushy inside too, except when he’s yelling!). I should be shooting more videos. *Sigh*

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