You are what you might have eaten

The best part of this story about the drastic increase in the average American child’s diet as a consequence of snacking (168 more calories per child a day than kids thirty years ago) is the disclaimer at the end:

“The surveys depended on parents’ or older children’s recall of what they had eaten, so there could be inaccuracies.”

Ya think? Like when I discovered an empty Wheat Thin box in the basement yesterday, looking like it had been mauled by a pack of lions? Lucky for us (actually, it’s good parenting on Wife’s part), the boys are big on apples and cheese sticks, and they mostly get water to drink, sometimes juice, on rare occasions root bear or lemonade.

That we know of. For all I know, they’re out there killing wild animals and roasting them at their tree fort. Which is still, admittedly, better than a bag of Doritos.


  1. Marc V

    The hard part is hiding the good snacks from prying little hands (and eternally hungry for treats mouths). Even if you do get a good hiding spot, they have super-sensitive hearing and will detect the slightest crinkling of plastic wrap, the softest rustle of a box opening, the faint murmur of munching. Then, all of a sudden(like), they’re on you like a pack of ravenous hyenas, grinning and drooling, howling while they wait their chance once the roaring lion’s guard is down.

    Yeah, the best thing is to keep the junk out of the house, but like many other Christians (and non-Christians?) I’m weak when it comes to munchin’. It’s definitely an area where I need to heed the Holy Spirit and fill myself with righteousness rather than Little Debbie empty calories.

  2. the wife

    that’s right, no doritos for the children. i finished them off during my personal break, as demanded by OSHA standards. at least i think i did. all i recall after waking from my carb induced nap was the rustle-y-crunch of an empty bag under a haunch.

    they do have some mean ears for the crinkle of the thin mint girl scout cookie wrapper though. those are never finished without sharing.

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