1. nichole

    Our son keeps saying the “ed” separately at the end of a word, i.e., liked as like-ed. I wonder if he picked that up from hymns.

  2. Mark Anthony

    Reminded me of the joke where the Sunday School teacher asks her class of youngsters, “Can anyone tell me God’s name?”.

    One brave lad confidently raises his hand and announces that God’s name is “Andy”.

    The teacher is caught off guard, “Andy?”

    “Yes” the boy answers, “Like in the song, ‘Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me.'”

  3. Lisa R.

    Very cute. It reminds me of “The Santa Clause” when Tim Allen’s character is tucking in his son for the night and reading “The Night Before Christmas”. At the appropriate place in the poem, the boy asks, “What’s a Rose Suchick ladder?” It could’ve been too corny, if not for the reality that kids DO misunderstand things we take for granted, and it’s most often absolutely adorable!

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