Another reason not to get medical advice online

Several people in the office have come down with the pinkeye. I always thought it came from poopy hands, which makes me think less of everyone afflicted. When I mentioned this to Wife, she said I was wrong, that pinkeye can come from lots of things. We went to WebMD to resolve our dispute.

Of course, Wife was right. Pinkeye can come from a virus, or from all kinds of bacteria, not just the poopy variety.

But this warning is what held my attention on the WebMD site: “Pinkeye may be more serious if you have vision in only one eye.”

I’m sure that’s true, but it seems kind of obvious, don’t you think? I can imagine the WebMD entry for eyeglasses: “Generally safe for use with the right prescription, but complications may arise if you only have one ear.”

Or waders: “May be hazardous for the one-legged.” Or bicycles: “Those with one posterior cheek may experience discomfort.” Still, I suppose it’s best to be thorough.


  1. rachel winn

    Tony, Abel and I are getting ready to take our DMV exams. A friend here told us that the handbook says you may not make a U-turn on a one way street…

    duly noted.


  2. Post
  3. the wife

    seriously, from poopy hands?

    have you not met our children?

    if that were the case no one in this house would ever be free of pink-eye. just the bottom touching alone, and then touching everything else with those hands that worry over those unmentionables as if there is a private parts thief.

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