On parenting with a broken heart

Leo has hydranencephaly. This is some of what his father has to say:

“From the beginning he has asked me to put my desires to death, so to speak. What I want for him is basically out of reach. I find that my desires remain but as my child he is telling me that I must change or I will go crazy. I must step over or there is no hope. He is telling me that the ‘good’ I desire for him will be beyond my scope and that even my most basic desires for him will have to change or die. This is strong language, but I don’t think it is beyond the scope of what a normal child will do to a parent over the course of many years.

The problem is that the ‘struggle’ is often innocuous and it slips under the conscience radar of parents. Leo has decided to put it all on the table all at once (something I don’t wish for any parent) and therefore asks us to do either two things…find a new road of acceptance or just carry on in our sinful reckoning with reality, lost in our frustrated desires.”

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HT: Jon d.