How we bless

I’m happy to announce that every couple of weeks I’ll be writing essays for Good Letters, the blog over at Image. Some of you will recognize Image as one of my favorite literary journals, and so you’ll know how honored I am that they asked me to join them. My first essay went up a couple of days ago, in fact. Here’s an excerpt:

“‘God bless you’ sets aside the barriers I need to function in the midst of my deep, abiding fear of rejection. If I were to utter it, there would just be you and me, helpless in this world of suffering, two needful souls looking heavenward. Your eyes might flutter in embarrassment, or worse still, the veils that cover them might lift, and I might peer into you, and you into me, a communion of souls that I fear more than most anything beyond the deaths of my children.”


  1. I Live in an Antbed

    That was quite thought-provoking. What would it be like to walk through this life, even just a day of it, holding nothing back, truly making connections with everyone in our paths? Being willing to be poured out however He chose? Being a blessing to all those around me can cost me everything I have/am, but in the very willingness to be poured out, have I not received the greater blessing: to be dead to self?

  2. M

    Congratulations, Tony. And thanks for the introduction to Image. Much beauty and many thought-provoking passages (although why the pages have to be so small and incredibly hard to read confounds me. I don’t think it is just the age of my eyes or the settings on my browser).

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