The ladder

Some of you may appreciate my latest essay over at the Image Good Letters blog. Then again, some of you may not. I thought including kittens might make this one a little lighter than much of my recent writing, but oh well. An excerpt:

“I bring my sons to the cathedral every Sunday and we watch everyone take communion and sometimes I bite the inside of my mouth so hard that it bleeds, because we all of us need the Blood, and we take it where we can get it.”

Puppies! Next time I’ll include puppies.


  1. Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

    Tony, your beautiful writing always stuns me – both artistically and in content. Yes – your essays have been heavy-hearted of late, and I pray for restoration in all that concerns you – that the stories you weave will reflect the joy of being lifted up by the Father who loves you.

  2. susan

    My prayer for you is that you DO feel the touch of that “hand from an unseen country” in the Eucharist and the liturgy. I think you will. God bless you, Tony. Christ go with you, Tony.

  3. Sue

    The way you share these struggles really touches me. I came to some similar conclusions myself, that eventually led me to the Catholic Church, but find it difficult to share my journey in cyber space. My husband came shortly after, but it wasn’t smooth going at first. Your comment about your marriage was not lost on me, and I will pray for you and your wife as you travel this narrow path. God is faithful.

  4. Silvana

    I heard you speak at FEE in March. (Thank you for your insights that night.) Just wanted to say that I appreciate your honesty. It’s often too rare among Christians these days. I will be praying for your family. You have been through more than most..

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