Dreaming God

Some of you might like my most recent essay at the Image Good Letters blog, “Dreaming God.” Here’s an excerpt:

“. . . my experience is that nothing enrages the rational, scientific atheist more than when you get rational and scientific with him.

If you want to make a Richard Dawkins aficionado more apoplectic than Dawkins gets when he contemplates children going to Sunday school, you need merely point out that for all his pretense to intellectual rigor, it’s just bad science to assume the supernatural doesn’t exist because senses attuned to the natural cannot detect it. . .

We are god-obsessed and god-seeking and at least the intellectuals of earlier ages—even if they couldn’t bring themselves to belief—recognized this. So many of today’s intellectuals are so far removed from religion that they don’t know the half of how deeply it’s intertwined in the lives and hearts of the rest of us.”

You can read the rest here.