Voting is its own revenge

On Election Day, it helps to keep in mind who is to blame for the mess we’re in. Which reminds me to share with you an excerpt from my most recent essay at Image‘s Patheos channel:

“Sports talk is well suited to politics because it is unburdened by thoughtfulness, and because it is tribal. We need that. We’ve reached a crisis point and it’s high time, by God, that somebody was held accountable.

“It’s ever so helpful, in these circumstances, to have a bevy of villains across the aisle. They must be stopped. Push them back, push them back, w-a-a-a-a-y back!

This suits us because we need an enemy tribe, the chief distinguishing feature of which is that we are not in it.”

You can read the rest here. But only after you vote, of course, because no matter how stupid our collective choices, what’s most important, in the modern civic religion, is that we go check a box for someone we know virtually nothing about. It’s why our forefathers died on Bunker Hill!


  1. Abel Winn

    I’d like to see the popular “I Voted!” stickers amended to read, “I Voted! (And it didn’t change anything)”

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