Slippery words

You might like my latest post at Good Letters. An excerpt:

“We are used to words not meaning anything, you see, and so who cares if foot-long is not supposed to mean eleven inches, that cheese is not supposed to be a vegetable oil and whey composite, that deli meat is not supposed to be shaved from animals shot through with growth hormones and antibiotics, and that salad dressing is not supposed to be a blend of high-fructose corn syrup and chemicals contrived (doubtless in New Jersey, food additive capital of the United States) to stimulate vague memories of how real things once tasted.”

It’s not about food alone—there’s unemployment, universal health care, the Oxford comma, the increasingly comical governor of Pennsylvania, liability insurers, Penn State football boosters, and Pontius Pilate. Don’t miss it. You can read the rest here.


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