On just saying no

Related to my previous post, I have an essay at Good Letters digging into the hypocrisy of evangelicals, as represented by the American Family Association, who simultaneously support the Drug War while demanding that we reject child refugees from that war. Here’s an excerpt:

We sponsor both sides of this war; we constitute the primary North American demand for illegal narcotics, and we supply the gunships, automatic weapons (sometimes to drug dealers themselves, lest anyone forget Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal), and tactical support. We arm both sides, and we turn our backs on the carnage.

Only now the carnage is at our doorstep. They come shell-shocked, disease-ridden, hungry. And sadly, self-professing Christians are some of their loudest detractors. Never mind that Americans have five churches for every immigrant child. Never mind that these same churches spend millions sending their privileged children on brief junkets we call “mission trips,” presumably to reach the very kinds of people who now huddle at our border, begging for help.

The essay ends with some Biblical exegesis to complement that offered by an American Family Association official in support of keeping the refugees out. Seems he didn’t read far enough in the Bible story on which he hangs his hat. Shocking.


  1. David R Graham

    Newcomer here, a fellow theologian, I have enjoyed looking around. Thank you for your hard work. A proper USA administration would stop the drug trade at its source and act to improve the lives of children and adults of Central America in situ, as well as here. I share your estimate of “evangelicals.” http://theological-geography.net/?p=7645

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