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Boycott Yahoo

The CEO of Yahoo got a much-deserved tongue-lashing by Congressional Democrats yesterday, for his company’s complicity in the jailing of Chinese dissidents. It’s at once fascinating and sickening to see a phalanx of corporate hacks and their attorneys, mumbling coached statements about their obligation to obey the law in a totalitarian state, and their ignorance …

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I was going to write that the bullet was dodged, but perhaps it is closer to true, in these situations, to say that a bullet is deflected. Either way, it feels good to breathe.


After my recent whining about church I felt like I left more unexplained than explained, and that on the whole I shouldn’t have written it without the explanations — things like: there is a profound difference between worship and sermonizing, and most modern churches conflate the two; and, almost all of our best friends go …

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State Fair

We’re going to the Kansas State Fair today. Corn dogs, steaming hot buttered ears of corn, steak sandwiches, elephant ears. . . What happened? I think I blacked out for a second. There are also the rides, not to mention animals. The boys are beside themselves. I’m trying to keep them calm, but did I …

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Me on Wall Street

Check out my latest essay in The Wall Street Journal, which includes, among other things, an homage to Thomas Sowell, a swipe at utopian parenting, and proof that Dr. Spock was in favor of, as the famed childrearing expert Barney Fife called it, “bud nipping.”


As we got the boys packed up yesterday evening for our run to the E.R., the wife’s sickly pallor only slightly less frightening than her 104 temperature, I realized that I haven’t had a day this bad in quite a while. It’s comforting, in a way, to realize it’s on you, kind of like when …

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From a blistering article by Army Lt. Colonel Paul Yingling: “While the physical courage of America’s generals is not in doubt, there is less certainty regarding their moral courage. In almost surreal language, professional military men blame their recent lack of candor on the intimidating management style of their civilian masters. Now that the public …

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Tonight is the night my little girl died. Soon we’ll be on the hour, and then it will have been six years, yet sometimes it feels like it has only just happened. If I concentrate I can still see her, and smell her, and hear her voice. But I can’t hold her. How I wish …

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Caleb: “Let’s read that book. It’ll be cool.” Me: “‘Cool?’ Where did you learn that word? Did you learn that from Nana?” (Note to reader: Nana is Caleb’s grandmother on his mother’s side.) Caleb: “I don’t know.” Me: “Are you covering for your Nana?” Caleb (sheepishly): “Yeah.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN CALEB WOODLIEF! The little man is three years old today. He’s having trouble reconciling that with the fact that it’s Tuesday. So if anyone asks, today is Threesday, got it?

Aid Versus Care

Several days ago I was eating with my family in one of our favorite little restaurants, when I noticed from our table by the window a man in an electric wheelchair rolling slowly toward the entrance. After several seconds I realized that he had not come through the door. It occurred to me that he …

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The Pledge and the Fourth

Click on this link, turn up your speakers, and listen to the late and dearly missed Red Skelton explain the meaning of the words in the Pledge of Allegiance. Have a happy Fourth of July, and remember your freedom was bought with somebody’s blood. It always is.