Good Job!

When potty training a two-year old, it’s important to give them lots of encouragement. So, my wife and I developed the habit with Stephen Caleb of saying “good job!” whenever he was, well, productive on his little plastic potty.

So now, if he hears a porcelain seat being lowered, he drops what he’s doing to run into the bathroom and give its current occupant some hand clapping and cheerleading: “Aaayyy. Good job!”

Oddly enough, I appreciate the affirmation.


  1. MarcV

    That kind of applause doesn’t get any more heart-felt than that. Now if each of us could just get our boss to do the same …

  2. annessa

    I taught my chitlin the same thing. Fast Forward: My Mom’s broken her foot and I have to help her go at the airport bathroom.
    My wondermous kid says very loudly, “Yay BaBa, you went peepee, I knew you could do it!”
    Imagine us trying not to laugh at the people staring at us as we left.
    Go Stephen Caleb!

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